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Turning Aussie kids into Maths masters.

A primary Maths program that accelerates mastery of Maths.

Accelerates Progress

Student progress exceeds expected growth.

Increase Confidence

Consistently success creates confident students.

Develops Logic & Reasoning

Students are coached to think logically and solve problems for themselves.

MASTERclass Jr.

A 10-week program for students who want to master Maths.

Whats included: 

  • Personalised Maths Program

  • Weekly Private Lessons

  • Lesson summaries

  • Progress Reports

  • Practice Games & Activities

Ideal for kids who: 

  • fell behind during COVID,

  • find Maths challenging,

  • want to fulfil their potential,

  • excel and require more challenge, OR

  • want a strong foundation for high school

What Parents Are Saying

"Two of my sons attend Aussie Maths Masters - one for acceleration and one for support.
I have been so impressed with Brodie's capacity to meet each child where they are at and engage them in the learning process in a fun and effective way. Both boys look forward to their lessons and ask to play the games throughout the week. Brodie is professional, kind and very skilled in her approach to teaching Maths."


- Rachel

MASTERclass Jr.

A personalised Maths program for every child, so they’re taught exactly what they need, at their own pace in order to achieve mastery.

Proven Approach 

Using the exclusive Aussie Maths Masters program which is proven to achieve outstanding results over and over again. 


Specialist Teacher 

Taught by an experienced,
award-winning teacher with
expertise in primary 
Maths and who knows how to get results.

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