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About Brodie


Brodie graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2011 with a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary). She achieved Honours Class I and was awarded a University Medal for Academic Achievement.

Brodie has over 10 years full time teaching experience and has taught Maths from Kindergarten to Year 6 and to all abilities, including support and extension classes. 


Brodie is highly regarded for her expertise in teaching Primary Mathematics.

She received a World Teachers' Recognition Award in 2020 for her understanding of the way children learn Maths, her innovative use of technology to create personalised Maths programs for every student,
and her leadership and coaching of teachers in primary Maths education. 


Brodie skip counted for fun in preschool, found out she was not the person who discovered trigonometry in high school and scored 29.5/30 on a university Maths exam that had an average score of 12/30. 

She communicates Maths concepts so they're easy to understand and is passionate about helping children become confident Mathematicians who love Maths. 

Brodie has a gift for educating our children. She brings fun and energy to every lesson.
She is patient, engaging and inclusive of parents in the education partnership.
"Best teacher ever!" said both my daughters, who have different abilities and learning styles.
I couldn't recommend anyone more highly. 

- Nat

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