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MASTERclass Jr.

Imagine a Maths class:

  • where each student is taught their own personalised Maths program,

  • that uses an approach proven to achieves outstanding results,

  • where every student receives an hour of one-on-one time with their teacher every week,

  • where every student experiences success and grows in competence and confidence.

That's MASTERclass!

MASTERclass was created to become the main source of your child's Maths education, with the classroom becoming supplementary. This differs from a traditional tutoring model where the classroom is the main source and tutoring is supplementary.

The AMM Approach




What's Included?


Every student receives a personalised Maths program written just for them. Students are asses​sed during their first lesson to determine their current level of achievement. All programs and lessons are aligned to the NSW syllabus.


Each student receives a 45 minute lesson every week. All lessons are fully planned and prepared to maximise learning time with a range of quality resources to promote a deep understanding of concepts.


*Online lessons are available over Lessonspace for students out of area or when a face-to-face lesson isn't practical.


Each week, students receive a Practice Pack full of fun, engaging activities and games to help them practice what they learned during the lesson. 


Each child has a progress report to identify exactly where they are up to in each number sub-strand of Maths. 


Students receive a Welcome Resource Pack with handy resources they can use in their lessons and while working on Practice Packs. 


All MASTERclass places are offered as a term package. 

Note: The number of MASTERclass places offered each term is capped to ensure students receive the best possible service.


Each Maths unit is introduced during a private, one-on-one lesson.


Lesson are fully planned and prepared beforehand and use a range of qualities resources and activities to ensure students gain a deep and thorough understanding of the skills and concepts being taught. 


Students receive weekly Practice Packs full of engaging activities and games that link directly to the Maths units they are learning. 

Repeated practice over time (i.e. a little most days) builds mastery by embedding learning into long term memory. 


Skills and concepts from previous lessons are revised over the following weeks, strengthening neural pathways and memory retrieval

Revision develops fluency and automaticity, freeing up the cognitive load in harder units and making future learning even easier!


The goal is to achieve mastery of the content covered until it becomes easy and does not need to be
re-taught again in 6 months time. 

With a focus on progress, improvement is tracked and celebrated, and student grow in confidence as a result, no matter their ability.


Problem solving and real world activities are embedded throughout the program, ensuring children are can apply the skills they have mastered in a variety of real world scenarios. 


Students continue to build upon these skills my making links to other areas of Maths and when learning new skills.

Brodie is a passionate educator, especially in Mathematics. Her program is designed to foster a growth mindset and improve student outcomes. As a high school Maths teacher who has worked closely with Brodie for many years, I recommend the Aussie Maths Masters program for parents who want to ensure their children have the best start for high school Mathematics. 

- Alana

Dates & Prices

Program 1
30 - April 7

Program 3

July 17 - September 22

Program 2

April 24 - July 30

Program 4

October 9 - December 15


$1199 / program

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